Integrating…and Processing

Just back from another Deepening weekend with Whapio, complete with a Blessingway for Britnee, who is due early April.  I’m so inspired by this circle of women–mostly doulas, midwives-in-training and a few midwives who live and work in Olympia.  They have been very welcoming and I am feeling the lack of a similar birthing community here in PT (not surprising, since we have a much smaller population.)  Time to do some more networking…

I haven’t written much as I’ve been integrating all the new information and experiences from the conference.  I notice that if I don’t post daily, I feel a bit disconnected from myself, as this blog functions as both a place to share what I’ve learned, and a place to process everything I’ve been absorbing.  I was talking to a woman this weekend about talking being my secondary processing mode–I think writing also functions this way for me.  Basically, I don’t know what I know until I speak it or write it!  Great to make that connection and to hold that awareness for this blog.

More soon!