Four years ago, I began the transition to a Zero carb, all Carnivore diet. (for health reasons)
Sondra Rose was my mentor and health coach at that time and I can definitely say without a doubt that without her by my side it would have been very challenging to make the huge lifestyle and diet shift for myself!
Sondra carries a vast understanding of health, nutrition, and especially years of personal experience with this diet. She is a walking book filled with up-to-date and core information on the “ how tos” of transitioning and supporting the successful path to complete Carnivory!
Four years and still going strong, living a healthy life of Zero Carb, and I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for Sondra, I would not have been successful in making it this far!
~Keidren Devas, Port Townsend, WA, Age 43

Sondra has been coaching me on a range of issues including nutrition; weight-loss; insomnia and relaxation. The sessions are already showing results – I’ve lost 5lbs in a sensible, healthy eating approach.

What makes Sondra so effective is her wisdom; excellent and wide-ranging subject knowledge; and holistic approach. She supports and challenges me in a way that is centered on me, and I never feel judged if I slip a little. Instead, Sondra helps me get to the bottom of what made me slip and helps me get on the right track again.

Sondra is kind, funny, and if you ever meet her in person, is a real testament to the way of life she espouses. Seeing her in person is what made me decide to have ‘some of what Sondra has, thank you’. I live in the UK and we Skype, typically, every two weeks. The technology helps and does not hinder the sessions. It is as though Sondra is in the room with me.

My life is changing for the better and I am grateful for Sondra’s help in supporting me to do this. I heartily recommend Sondra, and have no hesitation in commending her to anyone who is considering reviewing the direction of their life and is looking for a wise guide to walk alongside the path with them.

~ Jennie, UK


At the time when I reached out to Sondra for help, I was so full of anxiety that I couldn’t even go to the grocery store. I had lost two very wanted babies in the second trimester that year and I was totally devastated. I could not function and I really just wanted to die. Sondra was able to help turn my feelings around in just a couple of sessions.

She has helped me through two more early miscarriages, another second trimester loss, the loss of my grandmother, as well as helping me recover from childhood trauma and issues of abandonment. On top of that she’s helped me to care for my body through all of this by sharing her vast knowledge of physical health and well being.

I can honestly say that, after all that I’ve been through in the past two years, I feel better than I did before my miscarriages began. My relationships have improved all across the board; my marriage is better, my children are happier, I’m even helping others to heal their own traumas. What Sondra has taught me and helped me to heal from has changed my life in profound ways and given me back the hope that I had lost.

I have no doubt that she can give me the support that I need to go through and enjoy another pregnancy without fear.

**Update: With lots of love and support from Sondra I recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Considering my circumstances it was an amazingly peaceful pregnancy and beautiful birth. I would not have even attempted this baby without Sondra’s help and can not thank her enough for what she has done for myself and my family.

~ Krista, Indiana


Sondra consistently goes above and beyond what I’d expected. She is part counselor, part encyclopedia, part pep talker—like that cool Auntie that I’ve always wished I’d had. And she’s not been afraid to wade with me through the muckiest corners of my psyche to do some cleanup.  Her focus on evidence-based care and commonsense women’s wisdom carves a sane and natural path through the tangle of medical industry propaganda and misinformation shrouding true health—especially around pregnancy, birth and parenting. I am thankful to have Sondra to help guide me through this very special time in my life.

~ Nala Walla, Marrowstone Island, WA


I began working with Sondra at a time in my life when I had created a repeating pattern of loss. I was consciously aware of my role in the reality I was living in, but I could not find a way to break free. I was chronically ill with endometriosis, being told I was likely infertile, working a job that I loved, but with hours that were destroying me, and half-heartedly pursing the completion of my master’s degree.  I knew my life had the potential to be wonderful, but I rarely, if ever, felt wonderful. My exact words to Sondra when we met was “I want the way I feel about my life to match the reality of it.”

Using EFT Sondra helped me explore what was behind my illness and pain. I quickly (to my great surprise!) found myself pregnant. During my pregnancy, Sondra continued to guide me through multiple opportunities to utilize EFT to help my feelings “match the reality of my life”. With pregnancy nausea, questions about my sexuality as a pregnant woman, preparations for my labor, and communication with my partner. In all these instances, we kept coming back to tapping. Over and over, I watched barriers fall away from me…

By the end of my pregnancy, I was able to accept the reality that my hours at work were now perfect for me, that my education was optional and that I could do it passionately on my own time and that my baby was a brilliant part of the plan. To this day, when I see a “I can’t” or “it HAS to” in front of me, I take the time to tap and ask myself WHO is saying this. I can’t thank Sondra enough for her patient guidance that allowed me to make such positive and lasting changes in my life and my perspective of it!

~ Kirsten Pickard, BSN, RN-C, Washington State


When I found Sondra I was looking for the right person to connect with in approaching my birth and pre-birth experiences. I was thrilled to know she used Matrix Reimprinting in her work. Sondra’s genuine, welcoming personality put me instantly at ease and I knew I was safe to let go and explore these pieces of my story.

In one thorough session we were able to connect deeply with my younger self and bring peace and understanding where there was much confusion and sadness. The day that followed our session was by far the most serendipitous day I have had in years, and every day since has contained this new essence. We truly can rewrite our story by “tapping” into the intention of our highest good.

~ JenMahrie P. Baker, Alaska

Sondra is an excellent, compassionate practitioner. I saw her for a couple of sessions; they were so successful in replacing horrible memories with good ones that I have completely forgotten why I went! But I would highly recommend her to anyone.

~ Jane Rogers, Scotland

I have tried many therapies over thirty years and found this the most effective – a combination of EFT and Sondra’s skill. I have been able to access pre-verbal material which has been sabotaging me all my life, and I feel more empowered.

~ Robin, Scotland

With Sondra’s guidance and encouragement, I have found EFT nothing short of miraculous!

~ Morag, Scotland