Some of us learned to ignore our own needs…to put others first to avoid abandonment, that self-sacrifice is somehow spiritual or to prioritize money over health and happiness. The cost of not tending to ourselves can be high.  Often the cost is higher, in terms of time, attention and money, than it would have been had […]

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Clarity and Congruence


After more than a year away from writing blog posts, I finally feel ready to come back and share some of the things I have learned.  I’ve spent much of this time in an introspective mode that helped me to clarify my values and desire to share myself  more with others.  Even though I hadn’t planned on a […]

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Spring Blossoms!


As always, my garden provides never-ending inspiration and meditation.  The “mystery” bush in our new front garden turned out to be this extravagantly flowered Star Magnolia.  Isn’t she GORGEOUS? Healthy, grounded and delightful.  Just how I want to be in my life. Like my garden, I am reaping the rewards of all the composting I did […]

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Making Compost; Fertilizing Happiness


Lest you think I have changed the focus of my blog (again!), let me assure you that this is not really a post about gardening!  Though you may learn a few garden-y things along the way… Most long-time gardeners have learned that a healthy garden requires regular nourishment of organic waste and microorganisms.  Though synthetic […]

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Reinterpreting Your Past


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): “I know not what my past still has in store for me,” testified the Indian spiritual poet Tukaram. I believe most of us can say the same thing, and here’s why: The events that happened to us once upon a time keep transforming as we ripen. They come to have different […]

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