What I’ve been up to…

Just a few days after my last blog post, I was doing some web research and came across this website.  Little did I know that this would be the start of more paradigm-shifting for me that would result in some BIG life changes.

Like many in my birth community, I had been eating according to WAP (Weston A. Price) principles and though I was loving the food, I was continuing to put on body fat and wasn’t too happy about this.  After a year of watching the pounds increase, I needed to do something!

I dabbled in low carb eating and started feeling better, but bread (freshly-ground sourdough, made locally with organic flour) snuck back into my diet.  I kept craving grains and sugar and despite my best intentions, I ate them and my belly fat kept growing.

Having been a personal trainer/nutrition coach for over 10 years, I thought I knew how to lose the fat–just exercise more and eat less.  Easier said than done.  For the first time in my life, I was watching my body get fat despite my daily hour-long walks, weight-lifting, dancing and relatively little food.

Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health (Vintage)                         The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy

I had already read bits and pieces of Gary Taubes book Good Calories, Bad Calories via a couple of fitness blogs I follow, so I understood that I needed to drastically reduce my insulin-spiking foods like sugar and grains–but I didn’t understand how addictive both sugar and grains are for me–and for many people.   I also already understood that animal fats–especially saturated fats from grass-fed animals–are actually very good for us and have been mistakenly given a very bad rap.

When I found The Primal Blueprint all the pieces came together for me.  I learned why grains and sugar are so addictive.  I also found out that grains and legumes have lots of phytoxins that are designed to aid the plant in preserving their seeds which stop them from being properly digested by humans–even with all the WAP-style soaking, fermenting and sprouting.

Convinced,  I adopted the Primal Blueprint eating plan and I cut out all grains, legumes and sugar –including fruits.  I finally started to see the fat drop off–without having to starve myself!  The inital carb cravings went away after a few days–I just ate cheese or coconut manna.  The adjustment to lower carb took a few weeks as my metabolism shifted from carb-burning to fat-burning–and it’s been so worth it!

My body is changing in all sorts of magical ways.  I no longer need moisturizer due to all the great fats I’m eating.  My digestion has miraculously improved since dropping grains & legumes–no more IBS-type symptoms!  My sleep has improved.  I can go 5-6 hours between meals without any of my old hypoglycemic symptoms. I can eat cow’s cheese again without an allergic reaction.  My menstrual cramps are becoming less painful.  I don’t snore anymore…and…I am thinking more clearly.

Not to mention finally dropping my belly fat without starving or slaving away in the gym!

Per the Primal Blueprint exercise plan (free pdf on Mark’s Daily Apple Fitness Forum), I move slowly 3-5 hours a week (dog-walking!), lift heavy things twice a week for 1/2 hour (bodyweight exercises I do at home), and “sprint” for 10 min a week (all-out dancing at our local movement studio.)  Since I was already doing all these activites, it was great to recognize the truth that 80% of our body composition comes from DIET not exercise or genetics.

In my next blog post, I’ll share more about how the Primal Blueprint can make Pregnancy and Birth easier and more enjoyable!

I look forward to your thoughts….