Why wait? (an affirmation to myself…)


Moving so often has been a great teacher about the need to be present with myself, my husband, my dog and of course my friends and family.  It’s impossible to stay “in transition” when I am in transition all the time!

I’ve had very mixed feelings about my life lately and it’s been quite up and down since our move.  After an “up” day, I saw a HUGE happy face sign near our fave foothill trail.  It wasn’t there the day before–or was it?

This morning, I was thinking about happiness and how easy it is to postpone feeling happy until the money comes in, the house sells, my husband picks up his clothes, etc…

It takes time to make friends, get to know a new place and find the best cafés.  Am I going to put off loving my life just because everything I want hasn’t yet arrived?

I think not!

Life is too short to wait for the good stuff in order to be happy.

Right now, I choose to feel all my feelings to completion and I choose to be happy with my NOW.


EFT Tapping helps me to do this with ease.

I highly recommend my friend Claire’s brand new book, Everyday Happiness, as a great guide to incorporating EFT tapping into your everyday life.



What helps you to be happy, even when everything in your life isn’t perfect?