Spring Blossoms!


As always, my garden provides never-ending inspiration and meditation.  The “mystery” bush in our new front garden turned out to be this extravagantly flowered Star Magnolia.  Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Healthy, grounded and delightful.  Just how I want to be in my life.

Like my garden, I am reaping the rewards of all the composting I did this winter; new ideas blossoming, the green shoots of burgeoning projects poking through and a mind at peace with itself.  I feel more resilient and curious to explore different ways of sharing my gifts.

One of our new projects is converting the woodshed behind our cottage into a more spacious coaching office.  We want to be able to hold client sessions simultaneously and we want a space big enough to offer sessions with couples.  My husband, Andrew, will finish his coaching certification training in December and by next year, we envision offering relationship coaching locally and via Skype.

Our marriage has thrived in part from the years of personal work that each of us had done prior to meeting.  We also established (on our very first date!) that we both wanted the kind of relationship that would support  individual expression and expansion.   After almost 8 years together, we’ve embodied and uncovered some key assumptions and intentions that allow us to spend most of our time together in co-creative harmony and very little in conflict resolution.  Bliss!

Many of our friends have commented on how relaxed they feel when they hang out with us and how inspired they are by how we relate to each other.  They have asked us to share our wisdom and experience so that others may benefit.

Later this year, we will be defining and describing these assumptions & intentions in a series of blog posts.  Probably an e-book, too.  Stay tuned!

What’s blossoming in your life these days?