Opportunity knocks and random thoughts…

I woke up this morning to an email asking me if I would consider being the back-up EFT Presenter for the Trust Birth Conference this year.  I am beyond excited!!!  One of my main intentions last year was to work with women in the birth community and this is a tremendous opportunity.  I’ll know next week if I am needed.  In the meantime, I will be dreaming into other ways I can share my gifts….

What an inspiring weekend!  I am still reeling from the effects of Whapio’s teaching and the collective Progesterone in that livingroom full of pregnant women, doulas, midwives, new moms and of course, babies!

This weekend I had a great conversation with Whapio about writing a “How to Have an Unhindered Birth” book.  I want to describe the key ingredients that seem to be available to all the women who have experienced a life-changing and empowering birth without interference from caregivers or fear-based choices.  Stay tuned!

Welcome to my Birth blog.  I could write about many things, but this is the topic that keeps my attention the longest and along with Matrix Reimprinting, the one I most like to talk about…I mean, is there really anything more fascinating than the magic of Pregnancy and Birth?