Enjoying Menopause – A Series


This week, I will be starting a series of posts about menopause.  I realize that “Enjoying Menopause” may be a dubious title to some, but there are many women who sail through menopause, so it is certainly not impossible.  And even if you aren’t close to menopause, this series will serve you when you (or someone you love) reach that rite-of-passage.

My personal experience is that there are some key lifestyle and dietary changes that can be made to create a menopausal experience that is nourishing, freeing and fun!

I am currently at the beginning of this transition, age 52.  My mother went through menopause at the same age, so I am right on target.  I have been researching menopause since my mid-thirties to help my coaching clients with their issues.  This research has helped me a great deal in optimizing my diet and lifestyle, as well as learning about resources available.

At age 47, I started having some perimenopausal symptoms: insomnia, weight gain, and vaginal dryness.  With dietary changes, I was able to eliminate these symptoms and have been feeling amazing.  I dropped 15 pounds by simply eliminating wheat.  I talk about my diet here.

When I turned 51, I had a slump for about a year until I got clear on some physiology, but now I am feeling good in my body; energetic, confident and sexy.  I take no drugs or hormones (though I am not opposed to bio-identical hormones, if needed.)

I plan to discuss several topics:


Nutrition (touched on earlier here)

Weight Loss

Optimizing Hormones

Lifestyle changes




My goal is to help you to learn how you can feel good about yourself and feel great in your body during menopause, and share resources to assist you if you need support.

What other topics would you like me to write about?

You can contact me here.

See you next week! Here’s Part 1.

One book that helped me hugely with embracing the change is Red Moon Passage by Bonnie Horrigan.  This beautiful book has a series of in-depth interviews and essays with some truly inspiring women, woven with Bonnie’s personal story.  Many of my clients and friends have found it helpful.  The paperback is no longer in print, but you can buy it used on Amazon or buy the hardcover.