Clarity and Congruence


After more than a year away from writing blog posts, I finally feel ready to come back and share some of the things I have learned.  I’ve spent much of this time in an introspective mode that helped me to clarify my values and desire to share myself  more with others.  Even though I hadn’t planned on a writing sabbatical, I am grateful for the respite; it has given me a greater appreciation for taking the time to digest new information or an experience before writing about it.

One of the key realizations I have had is how important it is for me to act from a place of congruence.

Congruence, in my world, is a felt experience of being in my integrity, where my actions agree with my values.  When am in my congruence, I feel flow.  I fully own the choices I make.  The choices are coming from a place of love and openness, not fear and constriction.

When I am congruent, I don’t make choices from duty, needing to please, loyalty or martyrdom (all to do with fear of abandonment.)  I choose based on my desire to be my most authentic self and to contribute my gifts.

I feel freer and more expansive now that I have released the echoes of old voices in my head that were not ME.

On to more self-expression!  Stay tuned…